Northwest Trauma Counseling

Specializing in Adoption and Foster Care

Affiliated with Northwest Family Life

A child experiences unconditional love when their parent enjoys them

We specialize in trauma related to adoption and foster care. This can look like working with foster children in an adoptive home, adopted children, adult adoptees, child and adult survivors of trauma, sensory integration therapy, trauma-informed general counseling, life coaching and trauma-informed marriage therapy. The PATCH Program is a trauma informed model therapy approach that focuses on addressing trauma related issues, so that children are able to experience feeling safe and loved.

“While experience may alter and change the 

functioning of an adult, experience literally 

provides the organizing framework for an 

infant and child.”  Dr. Bruce Perry

We believe that every person will do well if they are able, especially children. We also believe that every child wants to attach to their caregivers, but sometimes obstacles get in the way of attaching. As therapists we believe that our job is to help identify those obstacles, help parents know better how to parent the challenges that come with trauma, and help parents and children attune and attach.