The PATCH Program

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This trauma informed model focuses on providing education, understanding, and support to the children and their caregivers while diminishing trauma symptoms using a three tiered approach: Assessment, a minimum of 12-16 weeks of treatment, and 6 weeks of group sessions with an option for ongoing family therapy sessions.

What makes this trauma informed protocol unique is it assumes that the symptoms of post-traumatic stress that foster-to-adopt and adoptive children often carry with them into their new home can, and often will, interfere with the development of healthy attachments. These symptoms (such as aggression, withdrawal, anxiety, defiance, sensory issues, meltdowns and a generalized inability to cope) make it very difficult for children to learn, feel safe and loved, and develop meaningful relationships. 


A master’s level therapist first meets with the parents for 1-2 sessions, then conducts a trauma assessment and evaluation of your child to tailor the program to meet the specific needs of your family. The parent session provides feedback about the assessment and helps staff to develop an individualized plan for your child.


By providing foster-to-adopt and adoptive families with knowledge about how trauma affects the developing brain and influences behavior, these therapists will offer unique insight into why typical parenting strategies don’t work. They offer hope and support, sometimes for the first time, to foster-to-adopt and adopted children of all ages and to the families who love them. Your child will learn skills for regulating emotions, strengthening relationships, navigating social situations, and building self identity during a minimum of twelve-to-sixteen (12-16) weeks of sessions with a master’s level therapist, who specializes in trauma.


Parent Groups: Six (6) weeks of parent group sessions offer support and valuable psycho-education to help parents develop skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of parenting a traumatized child. 

Child / Adolescent Groups: Six (6) weeks of child or adolescent group sessions are designed to build social skills, enhance self-concept, and increase the development of healthy relationships.